We won't win the fight with aging , but we will die trying !

Women's Workout Mistakes

 Not Believing in  Yourself

Many women lack confidence in themselves. It’s time to realize you really are stronger than you think. In the modern world, “being strong“ for women is as important as it is for men . We don’t have luxury of being weak and fragile anymore. Be confident of your capabilities and don’t be afraid to change your mind and body.

Staying With the Same Workout Too Long

One of the many unique qualities that the human body displays is its ability to adapt or adjust functional capacity to meet the desired needs. The body adapts fairly quickly during training, and once adapted, requires increased stress to produce a new response. That’s why change is essential to a workout to maximize the effects of the effort you put in it.  When you lose the fear of doing something new, the potential for physical change is endless.

Expecting Too Much Too Quickly

Don’t get frustrated and embarrassed if you’re just starting out. You’re uncertain how to do the exercises and afraid to look silly while trying. Maybe you’re intimidated by the machines and other pieces of iron thingies you know nothing about. Struggling is part of the experience. Particularly in the beginning, forget what you can’t do and figure out what you can, and focus on those accomplishments, no matter how small they seem. Don’t expect to see changes in your body after a few workouts. You’ve been in “pre-training shape” for awhile, most likely a few years, and it will take a few months to change .

You made the decision to shape up and now you want to see results—fast. You know it takes effort, so you push yourself to your absolute limit during every workout. We get it; we’ve been there. But maxing out your heart rate, dripping in sweat and feeling like you want to die every time you work out may not be the best way to reach your goal. Overdoing it can make you hate exercise, and that sabotages your effort in the long run.

Doing Only Crunches for a Flat Stomach

Yes, you need to do ab work to get that toned tummy, but crunches alone won’t get you there. The amount of fat in the body is determined by the your eating and exercise habits, but the distribution of fat in the body is determined by heredity.  In most cases, reduction of a particular part can be accomplished only as part of an overall weight-reduction program. The bottom line is that most people already have ab muscles. It’s more of a matter of getting through the fat to let them shine through, by doing cardio and reducing calorie intake.

 Spending Too Much Time at the Gym

Going to the gym six days a week and clocking endless hours on the treadmill is not the key to losing weight or getting healthy. Exercising smart is a lot more important than exercising more. Go into your workout with a plan. Recovery time is as important as exercising itself. Keeping in mind your body’s ability to adapt, you need to challenge your body all the time. If you run for one hour every day for one week, to increase stress on the body the next week you will have to run more! This is the express line to breakdown, exhaustion and “ I don’t want to go to the gym anymore.”

Putting Too Much Emphasis on the Scale

Putting too much emphasis on the scale often backfires. There are so many different things that can affect your weight: time of day, water retention, clothing, etc. Your focus should really be on how you look and how your clothes fit. Body composition can change drastically with little or no movement on the scale.

Fearing Strength Training

Strength training helps you burn more calories throughout each day, since muscle burns more calories than fat, and gives your body curves. However, many women don’t do it because they’re afraid of looking like a body builder. With regard to strength training, almost every female will state “I don’t want to be bulky.”  News flash!  Most women, no matter how much weight they lift,or how frequently they perform resistance training, would never put on a large amount of muscle.  Most women just don’t have the hormonal environment for that kind of mass (hell, neither do a lot of men).

So, stop worrying about ”bulking up” – it’s probably keeping you from reaching your fitness goals and inhibiting your ability to build that muscle definition and shape that you are likely looking for.

Studio NatashaFit Workout  for Women address all of these issues. These workouts are full- body workouts consisting of strength exercises; flexibility exercises; balance, stability and coordination exercises; and core, posture, and muscular imbalance improvement exercises.



What is a Full- Body Workout?

Full- body training involves training all of your body’s major muscle groups at each workout (chest, legs, and back, etc.). Training this way produces significant increases in hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone; these can help you build muscle and lose body fat to help to achieve the “toned body” look that everybody desires. The more you can increase your body’s production of these hormones, the greater the results you’ll get.  Don’t worry, increasing testosterone through exercise won’t turn you into a man. It will instead help you get and stay lean - leaner than countless hours walking on a treadmill ever will.