We won't win the fight with aging , but we will die trying !

Do it right !

Exercising is complicated, and  it’s very easy to make mistakes, especially if you launch into a new exercise regimen without any professional assistance.  Often times the mistakes are made because of lack of proper technique training .And  they can lead to injuries or lead you to failure  and limiting your potential in achieving your  fitness goals.

Not all exercises are created equal...sure, you knew that! There are a few basic movements you MUST KNOW, period . If you don’t do them correctly , Well... you are doomed .

I hardly recommend to watch these TUTORIALS . Try to understand , learn and repeat a few dozen of time.


Which is a "The KING" of all compound exercises.

Compound  exercises  - are multi-joint movements that work several muscles or muscle groups at one time.They provide complete muscle fiber stimulation, which leads to better, faster result  .

Every muscle works when you Squat: legs move the weight, abs and lower back stabilize, upper-back stays tight, arms squeeze the bar, etc. The Squat is a full body exercise.
Squats are considered a vital exercise for  the developing legs and buttocks and over all strength. 

Dead lift

Another compound exercise . When you do the Deadlift ,  it hits the back, the lats, the quads, the glutes, the arms and forearms, and even the abs 


If you want great looking buttocks, Lunges  are an absolute must. Don’t skip them. You can  join the club “ I hate lunges”  and develop “love-hate “ relationship with this exercise. Hate , because they are difficult to do . Love , because , you would never ask the question “ Does this ...... make my butt look fat ? “ again .


Split Squat

In terms of difficulty, the split squat would be a step up from the squat . During a split squat , your glutes must work especially hard to decelerate your body as you sink down . Working the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, but more glutes. You have to know this movement before continue with Lunge.



A critical component for restoring your abs and the development of core strength is learning to control the shape of your abdominal wall during exercise. To do this, you need to train your abs to pull back in toward your spine during exertion. And In mine experience 90% of population train abs the  wrong way. You would never have flat ripped stomach without proper abdominal strengthening .

You have  to work from the inside out. This is done by first building strength, and then control, in the deepest abdominal muscle, the Transverse Abdominis. When  you do crunches  avoid  engaging  the rectus abdominis and obliques muscle, which strengthen these external layers. it’s all too easy for these external layers to overpower relatively weaker Transverse Abdominis . This causes the abdominal wall to bulge outward during exertion. There are a few tips how to find Transverse Abdominis in Your Body  .

--"Brace" your abs as if you were about to be punched in the gut, but don't draw them in.

-- Pretend that you are trying to put on very tight pair of jeans and zipping them up.

In sports and fitness training, what you practice is what you get,  muscle specificity theory. If you allow the abs to balloon during exercise, that is what you are unintentionally training your abs to do. And remember if you want to  see a visible six-pack, you have to  bring your body fat percentage down to a low enough level to where the abs become visible. It can be accomplished only as part of an overall weight-reduction program.  Sorry but ,there isn’t such thing like “Spot reduction” and please keep it in mind , when you see another advertisement  of miracle  “ flat abs in no time ” gimmick.

Lets learn how to do train abs  correctly  . You have to use this principle with all core exercises .